Waccamaw Youth Center, Inc. is a private, non-profit agency committed to providing comprehensive residential services for up to 20 abused, abandoned, and grossly neglected youth, ages 12-21. It is the first and only low management group home in Horry County.

Our objective is to allow the adolescents in our care to remain in the community while receiving the long term therapeutic services they so desperately need. Our goal is to provide continuous opportunities for the development of positive self-esteem, academic/vocational abilities, and the life skills necessary to become productive, contributing members of society. In addition, we strive to help the adolescents in our care grow past their painful experiences and discover the happiness and security that can be reached through healthy, nurturing relationships.

Our success is largely measured by our residents' ability to surround themselves with a caring network of community supporters, reinforcing that the community does not hold them responsible for their own child abuse and neglect. It is only then that they will acquire a sense of belonging and value within the community.

The Waccamaw Youth Center strives to reflect a spirit of equality and acceptance by providing quality services to children regardless of race, creed, or religion.